Turf pests Grubs


White grubs are the larvae of different species of beetles: (Phyllopertha horticola), small St. John beetles (Rhizotrogus aestivus, Anoxia villosa, Melolontha melolontha), Sanjuanero beetle (Amphimallon solstitiae) or manure beetle (Aphodius sp).

Their presence also attracts tops, birds like blackbirds, skunks and raccoons to feed on them.


Dry, wilted and brown grasslands still with irregularly moist soil, especially during the hot or dry season. Thinning and general weakening. Dead grass areas can easily rise from the floor with your hand as if it were a carpet. The grass feels soft and fluffy when walking on it. At the end of summer, when the damage is significant, the dry lawns form large stands.

(Symptoms are often confused with lack of watering).


Treatment with Nematodes Heterorhabdidis bacteriophora and Natusys


At the end of summer, when the damage is significant, the dry lawns form large stands;

Spring: when the grass feels soft and fluffy;

The small surfaces can be treated with Nemasprayer: a special sprayer designed for treatment of small surfaces.

Nematodes are natural enemies and not dangerous to humans and animals. They can be used safely and there is no need for protective clothing.


Investigate the presence of worms first before starting treatment!

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