Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Serve society with useful products in optimal condition. Our company offers the highest quality possible and seeks to harmonise with Nature. We use and provide customers with environmentally-friendly products and services that reduce consumption of natural resources.
  • Respect human rights with decent working conditions that promote safety, occupational health and personal and professional development for everyone.
  • Respect the environment, doing our utmost to prevent any type of contamination by minimizing waste and rationalising the use of natural and energy resources.
Jan Jacob van Eijle Jr.

Jan Jacob van Eijle Jr.

His interest in the environment leads him to experiment with gardening options using native plants, designing attractive and sustainable gardens, integrating gardens into the natural environment.

Passionate about Art, he loves animals and nature.

Rafael Mata Castell

Rafael Mata Castell

Is responsible for the administration of Bio Jardínsostenible.

Passionate about sports and long walks in the mountains.

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