How cookies are used


A cookie is a small piece of text that the websites you visit send to the browser and allows the website to remember information about your visit, such as keeping products in the "shopping cart", your preferred language and other options, which can facilitate your next visit and make the site more useful. Cookies play a very important role, without them the use of the Web would be a much less satisfactory experience. uses cookies for a variety of purposes, including remembering your preferences, keeping the products in the shopping cart, counting the number of visits we receive, helping you to register for our services and protecting your data.


The information we provide below will help you understand the different types of cookies:

Technical and functional cookies

We use some cookies that are essential for the functioning of the website. For example, cookies allow us to remember the information that the user provides when moving from one page to another. Without them, the user could not navigate the website or use some functions.



We use analytics cookies (Google Analytics) to have information about user visits, the most viewed content. This allows us to improve the navigation of users.



We have integrated buttons on the website that allow users to share content on social networks. These buttons usually use cookies that are specific to each social network.

Here are some links where you can consult / configure the different privacy options of some of the main browsers:


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