Monumental Trees


Trees are beings that emerge from the earth, that sink their roots in it and rise towards the sky.

These living beings are silent companions of our history, and have a different temporal rhythm than ours. Her life is more leisurely, longer and calmer. 

Some trees manage to stand out from the rest, their age, size or strength endows them with a special halo. These extraordinary trees are characterized by their longevity, their great height and the wide perimeter of their trunk. In some cultures there is the belief that these monumental trees are inhabited by spirits, and there are countless legends and myths surrounding them.

However, an exceptional tree does not necessarily have to stand out due to its size or age, some can be considered singular trees because of the rarity of its species, its beauty or its cultural or popular value. Some trees have played an important role in the lives of many people simply because they are there, without having to have an extravagant shape or size.

Without a doubt, the trees deserve respect from us. These are authentic natural works of art. Who has not taken a walk in the woods and stopped to observe some curious tree?

We want the trees to keep us company and we can enjoy the beauty of these living legends.


Jan Jacob van Eijle Jr.