Colorful garden


The use of colour in hard landscaping in combination or contrast with plants and flowers, is not new. It has been done since ancient times, but, it is a very interesting resource that delivers good results. 

In the project we present here, the garden is on a slope and structured on different levels, with a lot of steps and planters. All the block and cement work was plastered but unpainted. The garden looked quite sad because of the grey colour of the cement. We noticed that the owners had some modern very colourful artwork in their home. So we decided to propose a daring design to fill the garden with colour and joy.

We used striking colour combinations on the planters and steps. In the lightest part of ​​the garden we introduced orange-earth together with a light pink, and we painted the other areas Mediterranean blue and magenta. 

The pictures show the garden before and after.

While we were on the job, and since the owners had mentioned that on one of the terraces lacked privacy, we designed a metal structure to block the views. As we had noticed some rather fanciful shapes at the entrance door to the house, we decided to repeat them in the garden and commissioned a steel wall of steel cut with small circular window-planters. We first saw a similar metallic wall during one of our visits to the Appeltern Gardens in Holland.  The result was very good and the owners are very pleased with their new daring garden.

The pictures that accompany this article are the copyright of Josie Elias.

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