Garden pests / Aphids


Aphids feed on plant sap in gardens, public parks and nurseries. Aphids can also transmit viruses to plants.

The symptoms that can present an affected plant are: deformations, decay, dents in leaves and flowers.

Another element is the honeydew secreted by the aphids that cause sooty mold = a fungus desease that will results in black leafs


The native ladybugs Adalia bipunctata are one of solutions to fight aphids. One larva can eat daily 50 up to 80 aphids. Adalia adult and larvae also feed on young caterpillars and butterfly eggs.

To compensate damage we advise Natusys. Natusys microbial fertilizer is a microbial-based product containing a concentrated blend of non-pathogenic beneficial microorganisms. Microbial fertilizer to stimulate plant growth through increased root formation and the absorption of the nutrition.

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