Valencian legislation on invasive plants


Invasive alien species are regulated by the Decree 213/2009 of 20 November about measures for the control of invasive alien species in the region of Valencia.

The objective of this decree is to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive alien species in the region of Valencia. To do so, it establishes a series of prohibitions in article 4.
The Decree show two lists of invasive alien species in its annex I and II.

The species included in annex I:

-It is forbidden its release or planting, trade, traffic, or transportation throughout the territory.

With regard to species in annex II:

-It is forbidden its introduction, plantation in forest areas, and planting, sowing or planting on roads that pass through undeveloped land.

For the proper implementation of this Decree, it is necessary to have knowledge of invasive species by citizenship. In addition, the citizenship can collaborate informing about the presence of these species.

Notices should be sent to the mail:

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