Jardín Sostenible in Costa Blanca Nachrichten


A team of journalists from the German magazine Costa Blanca Nachrichten paid a visit to interview Jan van Eijle. The interview revolved around Jan's professional work in the field of vegetable roofs and vertical gardens.

The gardens on roofs and walls of buildings are not a new idea, according to Jan, already in the 60's there are some examples in Germany, Austria and Holland. Friedensreich Hundertwasser was one of the main visionary architects of this tendency. In Jan's opinion, it is fascinating how Hundertwasser's projects managed to integrate the trees so well into their buildings.

One of our main motivations, when facing a project of vertical cover or garden, is the use in its design of native plants. Plants that are naturally integrated in its ecosystem, and whose use only reports benefits, both for its low maintenance and for its environmental harmony.