Colours in the Gardeen


The use of colors in the garden in combination or contrast with plants and flowers, is not something new. It has been used since ancient times, however, it is a very interesting resource for the good results we can get.

In the project that we present, we find a garden on a slope and structured on different levels, with many stairs and planters. All this work of blocks and cement was plastered but unpainted. The appearance of the garden was quite sad due to the gray of the cement. We noticed that the owners, inside their house, had some modern artworks, with a lot of color. So we decided to propose a daring design to give it colorful and joy to the garden.

We take advantage of the planters and stairs to make a very striking color combination. In the lighted area of ​​the garden we introduce an orange-mud together with a light pink, and in the rest of areas we painted in Mediterranean blue and magenta.

In the images you can observe the change of the garden before and after.

Once put in matter, and since the owners had told us that on one of the terraces of the garden lacked privacy, we engineered a metal structure to block the views. As we had appreciated some rather capricious shapes at the entrance door of the house, we decided to repeat them in the garden and commission a wall of steel cut with small windows-garden in a circular shape. A similar metallic wall was seen for the first time in one of our visits to the Appeltern Gardens in Holland.

The result has been very good and the owners are very satisfied of their new and daring garden.