Charles Jencks and postmodern gardens


Jarín Sostenible was in Edinburgh recently and we could not stop visiting the garden of the Scottisch National Gallery of Modern Art, 

Designed by Charles Jencks. Jencks is a landscape painter, historian and American critic well known for being who coined the term postmodern architecture (1977). It has a long list of books published in which reflects its peculiar way of understanding the landscape and the current architecture.

Their garden designs are rather landforms. Jencks understands the garden as a microcosm. For this he plays with different heights, planes and undulations, exploiting the natural beauty patterns, and using a combination of natural and artificial materials. In this way, the visitor who walks around the garden has the experience of walking through a miniature cosmos. His designs are especially interesting, stimulating and provocative visually.

You can enjoy some of his projects at: