Biocontrole is an innovative Dutch Company that has specialized in biological pest control (often more effective than chemical control) since 1998.

Jardin Sostenible is the exclusive distributor of Biocontrole products in Spain and through this collaboration we can offer customers the great advantage of biological control with these products that are harmless to humans, animals and crops.


Customized solutions

Appropriate solutions are proposed on the basis of research into new and familiar pests: we find the most suitable natural enemies for these pests and can work on both the introduction and ongoing practice.

With our customers, we strive to deliver the desired result by providing the best quality, most cost-effective products on the market.

We have set very high standards to ensure fast delivery of these natural predators from the best producers in Europe.


Sustainability is another important aspect, so we are always looking for environmentally friendly, sustainable products. This approach enables us to offer ideas and materials for you to customise your gardens with handcrafted materials and products made with recycled and recyclable materials.

We work only with Natural Products and we garantee High Quality: for this reason we will send our products only on Monday to avoid that transport takes longer than desired.

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